Thandai Mousse Recipe

It’s continually lovely to have regular dishes right? To a great extent just a whiff of that choice gajar halwa with desi ghee or that fragrant biryani is adequate to return us to our Grandma’s homes! In any case, while those dishes will remain evergreen, it’s in like manner charming to examination and mix in parts of various nourishments. Especially in the event that you’re endeavoring to trap the front line into endeavoring them! With the objective that is the explanation we have the perfect mix dessert for Holi – Thandai Mousse! The praiseworthy thandai upgrade is embedded into a mousse, making it a stand-apart dishThe present recipe is a fresh turn on the standard Thandai that is layered with treat scraps, mousse, and Gulab Jamuns: Thandai Gulab Jamun Mousse Cups. A yummy and tasty treat that is basically perfect for the joyful season.


Holi – the clear festival of India is notable for its Thandai drink and lip-smacking sweet plans.No Holi party or get-together is done without Thandai; thusly, this year I intend to dumbfound my guests with a delectable breeze on the incredible thandai that I love to call as Thandai Mousse Cups!The present recipe is the perfect blend of two treats: thandai + Mousse, where the evergreen thandai powder is saturated into a rich and comfortable mousse.The uprightness doesn’t end here, I have raised this baked good to an unbelievable level with the development of Gulab Jamuns, making a wanton sweet that yells Indian flavors and is perfect for any occasion

Cheery Saturday everyone! I am so anxious to offer the present recipe to you parents! I have had this idea in my brain since the time I started considering Holi plans and I am happy to such a degree, that it wound up well! I mean I do have a ton of disillusionments and when you are having a go at something new, you are never sure whether it will turn out in a similar class as it’s in your psyche. Be that as it may, this thandai cheesecake mousse did and the gulkand whipped cream was just the acceptable to beat all



  1. To the exclusion of everything else make the thandai stick. Combine all fixings recorded under “thandai stick” with little milk and put in a sheltered spot.
  2. Crush graham saltines using your sustenance processor till you get fine pieces or put the wafers in a ziplock sack and pound using a moving pin. Move the squashed pieces to a bowl. Add sugar to it and mix.
  3. Incorporate broke up margarine and mix till pieces feel like moist sand.
  4. Take your serving glasses/bowl and partition the pieces comparably between them. Push the pieces to the base of the glass using the back of your spoon or with your thumb till’s beginning and end limited. Detect the glasses in the cooler while you make the filling.


  1. Warm 1 tablespoon of milk in the microwave and a short time later add 1 teaspoon saffron to it. Squash the saffron a little when you incorporate it. Let it sit for 10 minutes.
  2. Using the paddle association of your stand blender or using your hand blender, beat cream cheddar for 5-6 minutes or till thoroughly smooth. It’s huge for the cream cheddar to be at room temperature here.
  3. Incorporate sugar, cardamom substance and the soaked saffron to the cream cheddar now. Mix till united.
  4. Incorporate 4 tablespoons of the prepared thandai paste to the mix.
  5. Mix till everything is especially joined. Put in a protected spot
  6. By and by beat the generous cream till it structures tops using the wire whisk association of your stand blender or using your hand blender. Be careful so as not to over-beat it. [It’s a keen idea to cool the bowl and the association for 15-20 minutes before you beat the cream, also the significant cream should be cold and straight out of the refrigerator.]
  7. Carefully cover in the whipped cream into the cheesecake mix. Do this in 2-3 areas.
  8. At the point when you have crumpled in all the whipped cream, expel from glasses out of the ice chest.



  • 1/2 tin (200g)NESTLÉ MILKMAID Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 10Soaked and stripped Badam for thandai stick
  • 6Pepper for thandai stick
  • 1 tspCardamom powder for thandai stick
  • 2 tspFennel for thandai stick
  • 1 tspKhus Essence for thandai stick
  • 2 cupsWhipped Cream
  • 1 tspGelatine
  • 2 cupsNESTLÉ at least a Nourish milkHow to Make Thandai Mousse
  • 1.In a skillet convey milk to bubble incorporate sugar and thandai syrup by then mix it well and cook on a medium fire for 4-5 minutes.
  • 2.Add the agar-agar powder to the mix convey it to bubble, blending tenaciously.
  • 3.Remove from the fire and strain the mix using a sifter.
  • 4.Let the mix chill off and a short time later overlay in whipped cream carefully.
  • 5.Pour identical measures of the mix into 2 individual dishes/glasses and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours or till the mousse sets.
  • 6.Garnish with some saffron strands (ingested milk)/strawberry, etc top.
  • 7.Serve chilled.

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