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Sheep Spicy Curry-Karahi Mutton Gosht Recipe-This essential dish with sheep/sheep a standard Pakistani nourishment equation , so scrumptious fragile sheep/sheep cooked with flavors in low fire for around 1 hour or more or until needed thickness is practiced.

Sheep Spicy Curry-Karahi Mutton Gosht Recipe one of my top pick, and the taste is unimaginable. Sheep cooked with out incorporating water and with flavors like ginger ,garlic,onion, tomatoes and with dry flavors like coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala or all get-up-and-go powder and stew and pepper, gives sensitive especially spiced sheep in thick awesome sauce .yogurt is another fixing included sheep/sheep karahi apparition recipe. Beside other meat plans, sheep isn’t cooked freely in a weight cooker, its stewed nearby flavors and each other fixing , which gives uncommon flavor to sheep and makes it sensitive. The Mutton Spicy Curry-Karahi Mutton Gosht Recipecan be used to make meat karahi gosht. This hot delectable curry/gosht can be served hot with roti, chapathi or even with ghee rice or pulao as breakfast ,dinner or lunch. I think its appropriate for exceptional occasions or collecting as its easy to design and the taste is fantastic.


Sheep Karahi/Karahi Gosht dish is a notable and standard Pakistani dish which is commonly cooked in a wok-like compartment called karahi (in this manner the name Mutton Karahi/Karahi gosht.) It is a searing and tasty dish which is sparkled with oil and beat with ginger. Serve it hot with Naan, Paratha or Pulao or Poori.


Customary Karahi were made of copper or made iron. By and by a days, karahi are made of solidified steel, non stick base or aluminum also. Best Karahi is one that has thick base and is overpowering. Thick base allows even scattering of warmth fundamental for cooking on high warmth without devouring the sustenance.



Karahi curry really insinuates any curry cooked in a karahi. Normally, Karahi is a tomato based curry with not a lot of flavors like ginger, garlic , green chillies, cumin, coriander and pepper. For the most part, a karahi is made sheep or chicken. A scrumptious variety of red tomato karahi is white karahi, which is a dairy based curry with flavors like red karahi.


A karahi is a decently spiced curry with enhance levels like tikka masala. By and large, green chillies are incorporated karahi finally for blazing touch and luring smell.

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While, Karahi vessel is huge for understanding that diner like inclination for Karahi curry. Any vessel like karahi like wok can do the obligation without dealing the genuine taste.

In case you don’t have a wok additionally than look for wide based and thick bottomed vessel like fry holder that can help you with singing viably.


Add oil to a hot significant bottomed generous dish and incorporate ginger garlic stick. Saute for a minute and a short time later incorporate sheep pieces and basically mix well.

By and by incorporate each other fixing beside green bean stew like-onion, tomatoes, dry pizzazz powders like coriander powder, cumin powder, garam masala or all get-up-and-go powder and bean stew powder, turmeric powder and pepper powder. Furthermore, a short time later incorporate yogurt and mix well.

Cook in low fire blending on occasion for around adjusted and half hours.When done incorporate green bean stew and fixing with coriander leaves.

Sheep gets sensitive and hot and retained a thick heavenly sauce is so delightful and serve to your sweethearts with naan or chapati.



Blend all the whole flavors. At that point, heat clarified spread in a wok.

Incorporate onions, ginger garlic, and gurgled sheep. Cook well

By then incorporate tomatoes, turmeric powder, red bean stew powder and salt.

Mix everything extraordinary and spread the spread.

At the point when it is all especially solidified, cook on a high warmth for 5 minutes.

Directly incorporate the whole flavor mix, and green chilies, cook well.



1 kg sheep

1 cup oil

2 tablespoon red stew drops

1 table spoon salt

1 cup yogurt

4 tomatoes

1 table spoon turmeric

1 table spoon qasori methi

4 green chillies

1 table spon ginger garlic stick

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