I want to prepare delicious and tasty food recipies which can easily cook in kitchen .I am working in food factory since 2012.

Chicken Karahi Recipe


This Pakistani Chicken Karahi (furthermore now and again called kadai chicken) equation is a quick and brilliant, and a notable Pakistani Chicken Curry. It’s made with chicken, loads of tomatoes, ginger and garlic, and a lot of flavors with a sprinkle of separated coriander. It’s wonderful coordinated with naan or …

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Best Kulfi Recipes


Smooth Malai Kufi is a great summer treat! Made with clear fixings, this eggless Indian treat is improved with cardamom, dried milk solids and nuts!Goodness I am so anxious to share the present recipe since I genuinely acknowledge that I have finally found the perfect equation for the broadly loved …

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The Only Ice Cream Recipe


Charitable man do I have a treat for you today! Furthermore, not just as a sweet equation. I’ve been endeavoring to make this one of a kind post for you which is essentially jam-squeezed with astounding stuff. You’d think in the wake of making an entire cookbook about solidified yogurt …

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Milk Powder Burfi Recipe


Such a straightforward desert made using milk powder. It barely takes 10 mins to make as far as possible. Excessively scrumptious one. You need only 4 fixings and 10 mins to make this desert.Right when I was recording my to-do plans for this diwali, first thing which inspired an emotional …

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Home Made Gajreela recipes

Carrot burfi equation with a little bit at a time photos – basic, quick and heavenly recipe of carrot burfi made with 4 fixings.Red Delhi carrots are in season now and time to make distinctive carrot based plans like carrot halwa, Gajar ka murabba. reliably I make gajar halwa with …

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Best Easy Pasta Recipes


There are zero luxurious things going on here. We have pasta (farfalle, since ties are basically brilliant, aren’t they?) flung in a delectable and rich sauce that is kicked up a score with paprika – fiery or not! you pick. The chicken is warmed under a charming layer of dry …

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Chicken Sajji Recipe

This equation is from week 22 of my sustenance blog, “Travel by Stove.” I am trying to get ready on dinner from every nation on Earth, and Balochistan is my 22nd stop. I never use any recipe for my blog that I’m not reasonably sure is from true blue or …

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The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe

This chocolate cake uses spread for season and a pinch of oil for a never-bomb damp piece, ideal for celebrations. With to a more prominent degree a milk chocolate, rather than dull chocolate season, it’s optimal for kids.A wanton and sticky Chocolate Cake equation with the most clear whipped Chocolate …

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Best Vanilla Ice Recipe

French” vanilla truly has nothing to do with the combination of vanilla bean, anyway rather implies the commendable French technique for making a custard. French vanilla solidified yogurt is made with a custard base that consolidates egg yolks.Using egg yolks achieves a solidified yogurt with a creamier surface and an …

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Easy Pasta Recipes


Concerning pasta we need something clear and fast. Pasta Pomodoro is a phase above from spaghetti and meatballs and highlights the freshness of tomatoes — pomodoro connotes ‘tomato’ in Italian. You’re cooking down the tomatoes adequately just to outline a light sauce anyway keeping a huge segment of them impeccable. …

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