Chicken Sajji Recipe

This equation is from week 22 of my sustenance blog, “Travel by Stove.” I am trying to get ready on dinner from every nation on Earth, and Balochistan is my 22nd stop. I never use any recipe for my blog that I’m not reasonably sure is from true blue or customary sources, and this equation has been posted without any movementsTake a gander at the Chicken Sajji Recipe in Urdu. Make sense of how to make best Chicken Sajji Recipe, cooking at its best by gourmet expert at Masala TV show . Check all the Pakistan Cooking plans in Urdu of Masala TV. Furthermore Check Chicken Sajji Recipe, fixings and complete Method.


Chicken Sajji Recipe

At Masala TV you can check all out Chicken Sajji Recipe in Urdu and English. This is maybe the best equation by culinary authority at Masala TV show . Take a gander at the other best plans of culinary specialists

Eik dish demeanor qeemay k sath usky saray Ingredients daalien or pani daal kr galny rakh dein. Jb pani dry hony lgy or tomatoes or onions sensitive ho jayein to oil daal kr bhoon lien.

Chicken ko sab Ingredients k sath Marinate kr k 1 hour k liye rakh lien. Phir non-stick dish demeanor 2 tbls oil daal kr cook kr lien.

Sajji rice k liye rice water disposition drench kr lien. Phir pani manner salt or oil daalien. Jb bubble aanay lggy to rice k tmam dry flavors daal kr pkayein. Rice daal kr pani halka dry hony tk pkayein phir concealing daal kr dumm de dien.

Last mien huge plate character pehly sajji rice phalayein phir uss per qeema sauce dalien or sab se top per cooked chicken rakh dein. New coriander or new mint leaves dalien or fresh lemon press kr lien. Mazedar feast is readied



1 whole chicken

1 cup vinegar

1 tsp red stew powder

1 tsp dull pepper

1 tbsp oil

½ tsp salt

2 tsp garlic stick

Lemon press as required


2 bits of coal

Components for Spices

50 grams whole red chilies

1tsp dull salt

1 tsp ajwain

½ tsp citrus remove

2 tsp fennel seeds

2 tsp cumin seeds

2 tbsp coriander seeds



On a warmed tawa, combine 50 grams whole red chilies, 1 tsp ajwain, 2 tsp fennel seeds, 2 tsp cumin seeds and 2 tbsp coriander seeds. Crush the flavor mix and incorporate 1 tsp dull salt and ½ tsp citrus remove. By then marinate 1 whole chicken with ½ tsp salt, 1 cup vinegar, 1 tsp red stew powder, 1 tsp dim pepper and 2 tsp garlic stick. Keep in cooler medium-term. Get ready marinated chicken in a pre warmed grill at 180 c for 30 minutes. By then insert arranged chicken in a sticks and toast on coal pieces for a long time. Brush chicken with oil as required. Cut chicken into 4 pieces and sprinkle organized flavors and lemon press on top before serving. Sajji Masala is readied.

Bit by bit directions to Make Chicken Sajji

1.1. In a skillet take red bean stew powder, salt, lemon juice, ginger and garlic stick, cumin powder, coriander powder, garam masala beat, and a little yellow concealing. This above marinade ought to be applied to the chicken 8 hours early.

2.2. Marinate the chicken with garlic and salt, keep this for an hour and a while later wash this off.

3.3. Dry the chicken. By then flame broil it on charcoal fire or stove. Adornment fittingly.

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