Bamboo Biryani Recipe

From youth I like cooking beyond a shadow of a doubt, I have some case thought plans and some from my mother, relative and some cooking plans. I am only a solitary child to my parents,so they ruining me unquestionably, my mother not agreed to work or cook at home. Regardless, my energy for cooking couldn’t keep me from my mother. I endeavored a couple of plans from my own contemplations, after that my dad and mother invite me. After marriage my significant other, relative, my adolescents similarly taking advantage of my assessments in cooking and enabling me very much.


Bamboo, a plant that is much of the time used for a collection of reasons over our country in like manner yields a phenomenal kind of rice which can be gotten when the plant dries. Bamboo rice, in any case called Mulayari is used to make various types of sweet dishes and various plans during festivities.It turns out positively for the normal dal or even with customary South Indian curries and sambhars. It is comprehensively evolved in the inner parts of Wayanad Sanctuary in Kerala and is to some degree stickier than the typical rice.

Moreover, it is chewy and tastes to some degree superior to the standard ones. Its specific green concealing makes it adequately conspicuous and gives different clinical points of interest too




make a marination with 2tbsp hung curd, 1tbsp cuminpowder, 1tbsp coriander powder, salt, 1tbsp bean stew powder, 1tbsp ginger garlic paste,1teasp lime juice for prawns.


Consequent to engineering on skewer,marinate the prawns right now 15 to 20 minutes.


mix 1 tbsp cumin powder, 1 tbsp coriander powder, salt,1 tbsp bean stew powder, 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste,1 teaspoon lime juice,beaten egg,chopped coriander with the bhetki fish stick.


Incorporate salt with Maida and corn flour and mix well.


Directly make the ball like dumplings with bhetki fish paste and overlap it into corn flour and Maida mix.


heat up 1 tbsp oil in the dish.


Fry the fish Balls for 2 minutes.


Fire cook the prawn in a preheated oven @180 degree for 10 minutes.


Brush oil in the meantime.



retain the rice the water for 40 minutes


Warmth up the rice with 2 tbsp salt, 4 green cardamom,4 cloves,1inch cinnamon.


dry dish all the masala in a holder and a while later grind it to make biryani masala powder.


heat up 4 tbsp oil in a dish.


Fry the hacked onion till Brown.


  • Serve the jugalbandi bamboo Biryani on a plate from the bamboo shack.
  • The best technique to Make Chicken Bamboo
  • Cut one onion into thin cuts.
  • Sprinkle dry red chillies and pound them to stick with the other onion.
  • Cut green stew into 1 cm pieces.
  • Mix turmeric powder, salt as indicated by taste and medium assessed chickens in a bowl and spot it in a pre-warmed high temp water shower for 30 minutes.
  • No water should be added to the mix.
  • Remove bowl from shower and incorporate onion-bean stew stick, cut onion, ginger-garlic stick, green stew, cut tomato, mustard oil and some coriander leaves to the mix.
  • Mix them well for 10 minutes with your hand.
  • Encase the mix by a banana leaf into a chamber. Spread all the sides with the banana leaf.
  • Tie it with a cotton string so it doesn’t spread out.
  • Spot it inside the vacant space of a bamboo.
  • Spread both the open sides with mud and supplement the bamboo in delicate fire/coals.
  • Warily watch it for 30-45 minutes.
  • Exactly when the bamboo is burned thoroughly, clear the mouth-watering flavorful chicken and serve hot.



1. For fire seared prawn – 8 significant prawns deveined,deshelled with tails immaculate 2. cumin powder 2 tbsp 3. coriander powder 2 tablespoon 4. salt 5 teaspoon 5. lime juice 2 teaspoon 6. bean stew powder 3 tablespoon 7. hung curd 4 tablespoon 8. ginger garlic stick 3 tablespoon 9. For bhetki balls – paste of boneless bhetki 1 cup 10. corn flour 1 tablespoon 11. Maida 1 tablespoon 12. 1 beaten egg 13. Oil 2cups 14. hacked coriander 1 tablespoon 15. For biryani rice-basmati rice 2 cups 16. For biryani masala-green cardamom 8 17. dull cardamom 1 18. cloves 8 19. bayleaf 2 20. cinnamon 4 inches stick 21. caraway seed 1 teaspoon 22. dry bloom petals 1 tablespoon 23. star anise 1 sharp edge 24. nutmeg 1 teaspoon 25. Mace 1 edge 26. kewra water 1 tablespoon 27. Meetha Atar 1 teaspoon 28. rose water 1 tablespoon 29. 2 onions hacked finely 30. 1 aloo Bukhara 31. milk 1 cup 32. scorched onion 1/2 cup 33. Saffron blended water 1 tablespoon 34. Ghee 3 tablespoon

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