Ghani Khan

Ghani Khan is Asian Food Cook Lover person. He tries Delicious tasty food daily basis and share the Food recipe with the users who visit this. He is working on Youtube channel since 2018.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe

A perfect recipe for the incomparable British baked good. Warm date bound cake, soaked and showered with a scrumptious toffee sauce. Given a scoop of vanilla solidified yogurt, this liberal baked good will make your tastebuds singAs if I could pick my last dining experience, this would be IT. Sorry …

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Jalibe Chaat Tasty Recipe

Created utilizing SPROUTED MOONG AND SPROUTED BENGAL GRAM) Aap sab toh kayi Tarah ke chaat khaye honge standard.. Jalebi chaat k uncovered me kabhi suna hai..?? Yeh itna crisp n crunchy bana hai ki lagbhag 5 ghante tak aap ise ese hi khule me rakh sakte hei thanda hone standard …

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Bamboo Biryani Recipe


From youth I like cooking beyond a shadow of a doubt, I have some case thought plans and some from my mother, relative and some cooking plans. I am only a solitary child to my parents,so they ruining me unquestionably, my mother not agreed to work or cook at home. …

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LAl Hachi Chiken Recipe


I much of the time steer away from making puzzled arrangements that require a few fixings, and this is the explanation this seviyan kheer is one of my favored desserts to make. While various designs for vermicelli kheer call for saffron and a combination of dry natural item, I like …

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